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Did you know that sometimes customers text back?

Posted by Christina Kudym on Thu, May 16, 2013 @ 10:05 AM

 Are your customers’ voices really being heard? In this post we will reveal hidden and missed engagement opportunities that may be impacting your business.

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Why two-way SMS use is on the rise for retail

Engaging and having meaningful conversations with customers is a top priority for several industries. Consumers now expect brand interaction for a better experience. If you had a chance to have a conversation with your customers to improve their customer experience and increase engagement, wouldn’t you take it?

FYI your SMS notification could be a conversation starter…

Many businesses, including those in the healthcare industry, utilize SMS text to communicate, alert, notify or engage with their customers as part of a multi-channel communication strategy. This was also the case with the large retail pharmacy chain, with whom we recently spoke and did a study on. Many pharmacies use this affordable and effective channel for one-way messages for healthcare alerts, refill reminders and benefit updates; never intending for an engagement opportunity to result.

Because these SMS messages are only going one-way, many pharmacies aren’t listening to the responses that actually come from their customers. This gap in the pharmacy to customer communication loop can result in detrimental effects on wellness plans and a successful pharmacy.

Key reasons a breakdown in communication can be detrimental

Ignoring these customer engagements creates a poor experience and bad reviews for you

When customers respond to a one-way SMS text, they believe their message is being read and appropriately responded to. Through our research we were able to identify some examples of what happens when your customers believe they are in a two-way conversation with your company and the critical engagement opportunities lost.

Replies of real responses when customers didn’t realize they weren’t participating in a two-way conversation

  • Driving, I’ll get back to you when I can safely reply.
  • Seriously?? guys are great!!...see u soon…how late r u open till?
  • Stop my order until further notice. Will advise later in the week.
  • You have the wrong #!

 Why you should care

What opportunities and critical information are you missing out on by not being able to see the entire communication loop when using SMS? When you don’t know what your customers want or what they are saying, how can you better serve them?

How to take advantage of missed engagement opportunities

By integrating two-way SMS and effective business rules into your communication strategy, you can increase customers overall satisfaction through meaningful conversations.

Engaging with your customers isn’t just beneficial for the healthcare industry, it relates to many verticals. Whether a customer replies about their oil change appointment or prescription order, listening to your customers will always be a foundation for a successful business.  If you let your customers know they’re being listened to, you’re connecting your customers with your brand, and building a longstanding relationship.


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The Zero Moment of Truth and Your Communication Strategy

Posted by Christina Kudym on Tue, Apr 09, 2013 @ 10:04 AM

If connecting with your customers at the Zero Moment of Truth isn’t an objective, you should re-think your strategy.

Let’s start at the beginning…

The term “First Moment of Truth” was coined by Proctor and Gamble® in 2005*(1) to define the interaction between a shopper and the product on the shelf.  While this first moment is very important, the addition of communication channels and adoption of internet usage often lead to many brand and business interactions that happen prior to the customer ever seeing a product on the shelf or their utilization of a service.  Which is what Google likes to call the ZMOT or Zero Moment of Truth.*(2) - Watch the video on ZMOT.

The ZMOT is described as “A new decision-making moment that takes place a hundred million times a day on mobile phones, laptops and wired devices of all kinds. It’s a moment where marketing happens, where information happens, and where consumers make choices that affect the success and failure of nearly every brand in the world.”*(3)

Because of this, the ZMOT or Zero Moment of Truth is something all of us as business owners, marketers and (really who we all are at our core) communicators, not only need to be cognizant, but take hold of ZMOT and embed into our thoughts every day.  I believe that to think about ZMOT as we strategize, plan and then execute our complex and even simple communication, marketing and brand campaigns will help build stronger and more intimate relationships with our clients and their customers.

“Please, never communicate with me for the sake of communicating.  Communicate with purpose and with a mutually beneficial objective and goal in mind.” – Says me, Christina Kudym a consumer 

Do you feel like you communicate with your customers and even your staff at the ZMOT?  Let us know your thoughts, either with your business hat on, or your consumer hat.  We’d love to hear them.

Footnotes: *(1) Brilliant move by Proctor and Gamble…they’re so smart, could be why they have been around for a while. (2) Oh Google… you guys send me. (3) EXACTLY!




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Welcome to our Blog | Engage With Us

Posted by Christina Kudym on Tue, Mar 26, 2013 @ 12:03 PM

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Dear Readers,

We are extremely excited to be launching this blog and hope you'll tune in often to learn more about the amazing ways West Notifications Group has used technology and creativity to make millions of lives easier and the valuable lessons we've learned along the way. On this Blog you will find not only the latest news on a variety of important and relevant communication technology trends, but sound advice and insightful content from in-house and partner experts.

We think you’ll find a wealth of information here that you can put to immediate use and share — information that we hope you’ll find unique, intriguing, interesting and useful. So, we invite you to not only subscribe to our blog, but to ask us questions and engage us in conversation. We’re a social bunch so don’t be shy. We look forward to hearing from you!

The West Notifications Group Bloggers

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