Notifications Will Be a Differentiator in 2014 and Beyond

Posted by WNG Marketing on Tue, Dec 31, 2013 @ 08:12 AM

Some of you just shrugged and some of you with five to seven notifications showing on your smartphone right now just perked up. Notifications are an important part of our everyday life. We choose how they come to us, what they report and when it is reported.

Notifications can save lives, time, money and help keep us in the know. Think about it this way - can you imagine NOT getting your notifications? 

What We’re Seeing

We process billions of Notifications for our clients each year and we showed an amazingdescribe the image increase over 2013. Our clients, some of the largest brands in the world who have been using notifications for years, are seeing the benefits and feeling impact across their businesses. SMS or text notifications showed the most rapid growth with a 51% increase over the last year. 

Expectations Will Only Get Higher

In 2014, we expect that mobile usage to grow at the same rate or higher as customers continue to expect the best possible service and experience on their preferred communication channels; whether that is text, email, social media or phone. Communicating with your customers on their desired communication channel is important but for the best possible results, this needs to be integrated with the best possible customer experience. 

Proactive Notifications

Notifying someone prior to an event versus after one may garner you that differentiating edge you’ve been looking for. Communicating with your customers proactively is another way to improve your customer satisfaction. By proactively notifying customers of store closings, coupons, travel updates, shipping notifications, safety tips and much more, you are preventing possible customer service issues.

How will your 2014 communication plan compare to last years or to your competition? By integrating multiple channels and proactive notifications into your 2014 customer communication strategy, you will increase customer satisfaction, customer engagement and stay one or possibly two steps ahead.

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Drive Holiday Results with a Multichannel Engagement Strategy

Posted by Natalie Davis on Fri, Dec 06, 2013 @ 09:12 AM


It’s that time of year again! Everyone is bustling trying to finish buying holiday gifts, preparing for visitors and the new year. Making your customer’s shopping experiences and lives easier during this time is more important than ever. Customers already want information immediately and conveniently but during the hectic holiday season - providing this information when they need it and how they want it, can be a differentiator and a business driver.

describe the imageWe’re all seeing the dozens of TV commercials for electronic holiday gifts, ranging from cell phones, laptops, tablets and more. Customers are always on the go and due to the increase of mobile usage; customers expect relevant content on their preferred channels.

Many companies are thinking about how to earn business during this high volume, high stakes season if they want to stay ahead of their competition. Three in five retailers dedicated over 20 percent of their online marketing budgets to holiday efforts.

Companies can ensure their holiday season will be a success by incorporating multiple channels into a customer communication strategy and by being proactive and engaging with customers. By sending notifications on a preferred channel, like email and SMS text, customers are more likely to read your messages and have a positive experience.

Eighty two percent of retailers are making investments in mobile this holiday season and you don’t want your business to be left in a snowdrift. By sending notifications to your customers on their preferred communication channels in a compliant manner, you are providing a convenient way for customers to engage with your company and making it easier for them to do business with you.

By proactively informing customers of holiday deals, special events, shipping updates or travel notifications on multiple communication channels, you are improving customer experience and providing the highest level of service consumers expect. You will not only stay ahead of your competition but you will improve the lives of your customers – and that’s the best gift of all! 

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Are your customers having the best possible SMS experience?

Posted by Natalie Davis on Mon, Oct 21, 2013 @ 09:10 AM

We all want to save time by using our mobile phones and texting allows us to do just that. Texting your family and friends is common but not very many of us have been able to use SMS as a way to get better customer service or to engage with the brands we love.

describe the image

Some companies use one-way or interactive texting to connect with their customers by sending automated messages but what happens when customers respond to a one-way text? What happens when a customer’s needs aren’t met by an automated conversation? When these problems arise, customers either aren’t responded to or they’re directed to contact someone for support, usually by calling in, using a Web chat or sending an email.

This isn’t just a problem for customers; this is a problem for companies as well. When customers are prompted to call a support number when they fall out of SMS automation, they’re using a communication channel that isn’t always preferred and this leads to unhappy customers. Companies also have to support their customers at a higher cost, due to agent resources and IVR phone minutes.

By allowing customers to use a preferred communication channel to meet their customer service needs, companies are making it convenient for customers to contact them and they’re creating an enjoyable customer experience.

West Notifications Group’s cutting-edge product, SMS Assistant, allows customers to have real conversations with customer service agents. SMS Assistant creates an engaging, convenient customer experience while cutting down on call center costs. This not only improves the efficiency of a call center but improves customers’ lives by allowing them to engage with the brands they love on their time.

SMS Assistant is an easy to use tool on a preferred channel that allows customers to have the best possible SMS experience with a company and customers are more likely to have their needs met because they’re having a personalized conversation, without using automated software.

SMS Assistant is a great tool, not only for customers but companies too. SMS Assistant allows agents to have multiple customer conversations at a time, which leads to lower costs and lower wait times. This product also seamlessly pulls messages into SMS Assistant when they fall out of SMS automation.

SMS Assistant provides customers with the service they desire on their channel of choice. It can also revolutionize the SMS experience businesses offer their customers.

To learn more about SMS Assistant, click here or give us a call at 877-369-1858. 

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